Our Company

Our Company

Viasat S.p.A. is an Italian excellence in satellite and IoT security services that integrate advanced telematics technologies to guarantee complete safety for the vehicles and their occupants. It is the leading company in the onboard telematics and satellite localisation sector in Europe, not only for the number of customers but also for countries reached.
The company organisation’s focus on the strategic areas of its business allows for a great deal of operational flexibility and accurate monitoring of the fundamental stages in the development of products and services. The high level of reliability and security of its solutions, combined with an excellent range of services and agreements with leading companies in the insurance world, guarantee the company’s undisputed success.


Our Operations Centres

We support our customers with a European Network of 10 Group-owned Operations Centres and Customer Service Centres, 2 in Italy with 150 operators (Turin and Rome), 1 in Romania (Bucharest), 1 in Poland (Warsaw), 1 in Spain (Madrid) and 1 in Belgium (Brussels), 1 in Bulgaria (Sofia), 1 in France (Montauban), 1 in the UK (London) and 1 in Portugal (Lisbon) operating 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Furthermore, we have a capillary network of Service Centres, a fleet of mobile garages and tow trucks and an authorised circuit of garages and body shops (2100 installers of which 1700 Viasat Assistance and 100 TUV ISO 9001 certified).

Big Data Management

Thanks to 30 years of expertise in the LBS (Location Based Services) market, with more than 2 million devices manufactured for the Telematics Service Provider worldwide market, we have counted more than 12 billion kilometres travelled per year (more than 80 times the distance between Earth and Sun).

This amount of information, if properly managed and processed, also thanks to the tools provided by Viasat, makes it possible to generate business opportunities for companies that decide to use telematics to optimise and make more efficient the management of their fleets.

Our Mission

Looking to a sustainable future with technology that can translate data into knowledge and help our customers achieve even more challenging goals.

Key Strengths of Viasat S.p.A. :

Ethical Values

Viasat is focused not only on technical and professional values but also on ethical qualities and values.

For Viasat, every new challenge represents an opportunity to revive the Company’s commitment to innovation, with development plans inspired by the logic of continuous improvement. A philosophy that is implemented above all in the sharing of know-how and expertise within the Company’s Business Units.

Company policies and projects are oriented towards the strong pursuit of our mission and are inspired by the following values that guide the actions and behaviour of all those who work in the company.

The ethical principles which are the basis of the Group's philosophy and its people are:

Knowing the motto that the real problem is never the problem itself, but the way and speed with which it is dealt with, everyone works to overcome every obstacle with a positive spirit, enthusiasm, optimism and trust.

Commitment to develop new ideas and new products, to search for new markets and new customers, to improve continuously the quality of the operational and management process, to participate with will and commitment in a rapid professional and technological growth in the context of the core business.

Commitment to development activities with innovative operational plans, to realise on a concrete level all the improvements that can be achieved through the learning principle.

Commitment to transfer one’s knowledge and expertise to other team members to build a collective asset.

Commitment to always pursue the truth, to not dedicate time and resources to pursuing deceptive, manipulated  and false realities of braggarts and andventurers.

Commitment to pursue what is just, rejecting lies, slander and envy; to acknowledge the abilities  and value of others, ensuring that they are recognised and appreciated.

Commitment to develop products and services that are not only useful but also pleasing and gratifying in terms of originality and beauty.