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Security of the territory and citizens, many new features for the Viasat Street Control Suite

Viasat’s Street Control, Street Parking and Urban Security suite is an innovative tool to support public administrations and police forces in the process of digitalization and road safety control, as demonstrated by its adoption by many Italian municipalities. The solution offers user-friendliness with a high-definition camera and a high capacity for reading the number plates …

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Road safety fills up on technology

Today, technology already plays an important role in road safety. In fact, there are numerous applications available to drivers, with the aim of making the road a safer place. Any device capable of preventing accidents or, at least, mitigating their effects is always welcome. From this perspective, ADAS provide helpful support, many of which are …

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Finally, parking becomes smart!

In comparison to other European countries, Italy’s parking management process has suffered from a long-standing deficit in terms of planning and implementation. The situation has worsened over time because of the rapid growth of private motorization, which occurred at the expense of collective transport. The lack of parking spaces has become evident: while Europe can …

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When mobility meets technology

What is happening to mobility, what kind of transformation shall be expected and how much will technology affect city life? New technologies will certainly guide our future steps and all business operators should know how to exploit its potential at its best. Today’s mobility is no longer a matter of making a simple movement from …

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Viasat Newsletter 41/2018

Some topics on autumnal Viasat Group’s newsletter: Conquering the Waste sector, interview with L.Moretti and g. Barzaghi; Sustainability asa key development factor by Domenico Petrone; Satellite Telematics for a more and more sustainable “mission”, by Marco Petrone; Viasat e Inaz: Fleet Management services integrated with human resources management; Know more,do more, Be more. Here is …

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Viasat Group acquires 60% of the Portuguese Trackit Consulting

The European Telematics Company Viasat Group announced today the acquisition of 60% of the Portuguese TRACKiT Consulting, specialized in technological fields where the Group is present, thereby strengthening its presence in the geographical market before guarded by a technical and commercial green field. Press Release

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