Viasat's history

Viasat S.p.A. was acquired in 2002 and became part of the Elem Group, which merged into the Viasat Group in 2007. The Group-wide synergies set the right conditions for the development of new reliable and competitive products and the best conditions for further market growth. We are referring to an international network of interconnected companies that develop innovative technologies with passion and imagination to make people’s lives and companies’ work easier, more sustainable and safer.


Viasat has become more and more popular, both in Italy and abroad, in the field of Location Based Services with a continuous development of new advanced solutions for markets:

Providing support to insurance companies, fintech companies and insurance brokers in the advanced collection and analysis of information to optimise risk management and the customisation of the insurance customer offer.

Providing  hi-tech, IoT-based services for the location, efficient management and protection of fleets for companies involved in freight transport and logistics.

Allowing citizens, companies and public administrations, through a set of technological solutions and applications that use connectivity and Big Data, to manage everyday life and the transport of people remotely, while improving safety, security and operational efficiency.

Offering hi-tech services, based on IoT technology, for the localisation, efficient management and protection of fleets for companies involved in freight transport and logistics, urban sanitation, construction, service and maintenance, as well as for public authorities and administration.

Viasat has a business structure characterised by a significant level of operational flexibility, extreme availability, maximum security solutions and a wide range of customized services.
This makes the company one of the leading players in the European sector.

Viasat Group President Domenico Petrone