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An offering of telematics services to provide any kind of support to the driver, tailored to the insurance market, from insurance companies to brokers. A unique tool for prevention, protection, assistance, and smart mobility.

Our Solutions

Insurance Companies

On-board telematics in the insurance market

Viasat’s solutions allow the implementation of new customized and structured insurance models such as Pay Per Use or Pay As You Drive. Viasat telematics systems enable companies and insurance groups to be more competitive, diversify their offer and optimize risk management.

Thanks to an organised system involving onboard equipment (the so-called ‘black box‘) software platforms, operations centres, telecommunications systems, logistics and management platforms, financial instruments and dedicated 24-hour operators.

Benefits of On-Board Telematics for Insurance Companies:


More efficient and virtuous management of insurance procedures generates substantial savings in terms of claims costs to the benefit of insurance companies and, consequently, their policyholders benefiting in this way from better conditions.


Offer tailoring, using an accurate analysis of the insured's driving behavior (analysis of mileage, driving style, driving habits, speed, etc.).


Management process simplification and optimisation of fraud detection systems (certification of the dynamics of a claim and telematic report).


Retention of the best customers with 'tailor-made' policies enriched with value-added services (more efficient road assistance, automatic accident detection, vehicle location in case of theft, direct communication between the Operations Centre and the vehicle through an on-board device or mobile phone).

Insurance Brokers

Sicuri&Protetti prevents and protects, Insurance refunds.

Sicuri & Protetti is a new way of dealing with telematics and insurance, offering business opportunities without the risk of disintermediation.

A wide range of value-added services to be offered to your customers, for all types of vehicles: cars, fleets, trucks, motorbikes and much more!

On-board telematics advantages for Insurance Brokers:


Automatic alarms to prevent theft and support in locating the stolen vehicle. Automatic crash alarms and sending help. Assistance in the event of danger, breakdown or illness.


More revenue opportunities, through a dedicated commission plan.


Be a part of a large network to share business experiences and opportunities. In addition, you can access dedicated insurance conventions with special prices.


Provide your customer with a telematics solution tailor-made for the agent and not just the company's solution, without the risk of disintermediation.


You can retain your customer base through value-added services in full respect of privacy (GDPR).

Interconnected smart cities, automatic vehicles and portable micro-mobility enabled by IoT sensors, cameras and ADAS systems. Specific insurance products, based on personal driving…
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