Published on November 24, 2014

1/11/2014 – Margherita di Savoia (FG)

The Viasat client alerted the Operations Centre to notify the theft of his car: he had inadvertently left the keys in the dash. Locating the vehicle, it was seen that this was moving; the Police were therefore alerted and set off to locate the vehicle. As soon as the Volkswagen Golf stopped, the operator of the Operations Centre proceeded to block the vehicle. At this point, the thieves, unable to use the vehicle, abandoned this.  The vehicle was traced shortly afterwards by the Carabinieri, guided to the location of the vehicle by the Viasat Operations Centre.

The engine blocking function makes it possible, once the owner of the vehicle has left the vehicle, fitted with automatic recognition system, or at the explicit request of the Operations Centre (from remote), to inhibit ignition of the engine. This represents an effective obstacle to theft of the vehicle which, once the engine has been switched off, cannot be restarted.

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