Published on January 8, 2015

10/12/2014 – Naples (NA)

Satellite devices are essential not only to recover stolen vehicles but also to protect these against theft. This is confirmed by the case that occurred in Naples at the beginning of December when the Viasat Operations Centre received an alarm signal from a Viasat 2S, Special Car Dealer, fitted on a Mini Cooper. The operator immediately contacted the client who, on arriving at the scene, found the vehicle with the window broken and serious damage to the electrical system but, despite various attempts, the thieves had not succeeded in their intent.

Viasat 2S is an innovative satellite solution that combines traditional satellite anti-theft functions with automatic crash and movement alarms, those that guarantee the most advanced assistance, protection and safety, both personal and of the vehicle and its occupants. This is assured by an automatic authentication system that generates theft alarms, automatic blocking/unblocking if the driver is not recognised, and alarms in the case of intrusion in the vehicle or opening of the doors.



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