Published on October 1, 2014

15/08/2014 – Valmontone (RM)

Having detected, with the aid of the systems, irregular opening of the doors of the car, the Operations Centre alerted the Client who, on arriving at the scene, found two persons engaged in stealing his Smart For Two.
The theft was foiled with the aid of the door sensors of the Perimeter Protection function that detects break-in by the thief when the doors are opened with the vehicle switched off or in the absence of correct authentication by the Client.
Equipping a vehicle with a Viasat satellite system offers various advantages.
The data reveal an increase in the number of vehicles recovered (82% vs. 41% of vehicles without satellite system) and also a lower risk of theft. These systems are, therefore, an effective deterrent in protecting vehicles against the criminal of the moment, as confirmed by the events of mid-August at Valmontone in the Province of Rome.

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