Published on January 21, 2015

19/12/2014 – Somma Vesuviana (NA)

At Somma Vesuviana (NA), a band of criminals forced a Client’s van – a Renault Kangoo fitted with a BluBox – to pull over, threatened him with a gun and forced him to get out of the vehicle, stealing this. The owner of the van contacted the Viasat Operations Centre which promptly located the vehicle and alerted the Police which sent a patrol car to the scene and recovered the vehicle 30 minutes from reception of the alarm at the Operations Centre.

Thefts of heavy vehicles and/or vans are an ever more frequent phenomenon in our country.
Installation of a Viasat satellite device on the vehicle permits immediate geo-localisation of the stolen vehicle as, tracking the device, the Operations Centre locates the car via the GPS signal and GSM/GPRS communication.

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