Published on January 22, 2015

21/12/2014 – Casoria (NA)

On receiving an alarm from a Blu Box device installed on a Fiat Bravo, the operator of the Viasat Operations Centre contacted the client who responded that the vehicle was at a bodyshop. After checking immediately, he then confirmed that the vehicle had been stolen; the operator alerted the Police which dispatched a patrol car, relocating the vehicle at the position indicated.

It is worth noting that, although an initial control by the Carabinieri was negative, the operator insisted that a broader check be made in view of the large number of building and many possible hiding places in the area, certain of the strong signal furnished by the switchboard. In fact, after a further control, the vehicle was located.

This confirms the important role of the Operations Centre, active 24h, staffed by more than 100 operators who deal with vehicle security in the case of theft and safety of the driver in the case of road accidents.

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