Published on November 26, 2014

26.10.2014 – Briga Novarese (NO)

The Carabinieri contacted the Viasat Operations Centre from the client’s flat that had just been burgled and where the client had been immobilised and tied up. After stealing various valuable objects, the thieves had driven off in the client’s vehicle: an Audi A3 fitted with the Viasat FOX 5.2 device.

In direct contact with the flying squad, the Operations Centre was able to indicate all the movements of the vehicle until this stopped inside a gypsy camp. The Police, called to the scene, confirmed recovery of the vehicle.

The possibility of immediate recovery of top end vehicles is a decisive factor as these thefts are usually commissioned and the vehicles are exported abroad. Immediate intervention undermines a market worth millions of euro to organised crime.

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