Published on January 5, 2023

Electric cars: 75% of Italians willing to go green

2023, according to many industry analysts, will be the turning point for electric mobility with the definitive consecration of this technology. Traditional models with internal combustion engines will already begin to disappear from price lists and the transition will be completed for almost all brands by 2025, well before the legal deadline of 2035. This is why aid is already being withdrawn in Northern Europe: it is no longer needed. From them, the electricity has already taken off. On the other hand, Italy is lagging despite 75.3% of Italians – this is what emerges from a survey by Prima Assicurazioni, conducted by Nielsen – who declare that they are willing to switch to a fully electric vehicle or a plug-in hybrid over the next two years.
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What is holding back the purchase of electric vehicles is not so much the price of energy (10.6% of those interviewed) as the cost is still considered too high (31.3%). This is followed by the request for greater incentives from the Government (17.7%) and adequate infrastructure (15.7%). These percentages are joined by 24.7% who would not buy an electric car in any case in the next two years, even if these conditions occur, because they believe this technology is still unreliable or because they continue to prefer petrol or diesel propulsion.

Looking at the survey sample in more detail, young people are the most inclined to switch to green cars: only a fifth of those interviewed between the ages of 30 and 40 would not even consider the hypothesis. The most tied to traditional cars are instead the Italians between 50 and 60 years old, with 29.4% who do not take into consideration the new electric motors.

The car is still today the main vehicle of mobility, not only in Italy, for habitual travel. The European Commission’s strategy for sustainable and intelligent mobility aims to replace the current fleet with non-polluting cars. The transition to green mobility, therefore, is now an irreversible process. Viasat is well aware of this and has launched a new generation of satellites to accompany companies in the sector in the ecological transition and to fully grasp its potential.
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