Published on December 29, 2022

Road accidents? The fault is always someone else’s

Drivers behind the wheel have a decidedly indulgent perception of themselves and their behavior and point the finger at others. Hazards that cause accidents or potentially risky situations are attributed to the conduct of others. This is the photograph taken in the second edition of the research on users’ driving styles, commissioned by Anas (FS Italiane Group) and conducted by CSA Research – Centro Statistica Aziendale.

Still, the rules of the highway code are there, but they are not always respected. 54.1% of drivers do not use the arrows when overtaking, 35.4% do not signal when entering the road from the access ramp, and 19.5% when exiting. 10.3% use a mobile phone while driving and 11.4% do not wear a seat belt (for passengers in the back seat, the figure reaches 75.7%). Out of over 357 thousand vehicles monitored by Anas, 9.6% exceeded the speed limits, and 77.7% did not respect the minimum safety distance. The violation of the highway code also concerns child restraint devices: 41.7% do not use them on the front side of the car (48.4% in the rear seat).

We need to pay more attention and improve our behavior when driving a car and we need to educate ourselves to respect each other. However, everyone must do their part to achieve the goal of reducing road accident victims by 50% by 2030 to align Italy with the performance of the most advanced European countries. With another target on the next horizon, Vision Zero by 2050.

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