Published on September 13, 2022

Security of the territory and citizens, many new features for the Viasat Street Control Suite

Viasat’s Street Control, Street Parking and Urban Security suite is an innovative tool to support public administrations and police forces in the process of digitalization and road safety control, as demonstrated by its adoption by many Italian municipalities.

The solution offers user-friendliness with a high-definition camera and a high capacity for reading the number plates of moving or stationary vehicles (up to 100 per second), using this app on a Smartphone or TabletPC. In particular, Viasat’s system allows a real-time verification of the regularity of insurance, countering the phenomenon of vehicles circulating without insurance, vignettes and overhaul, stolen vehicles, evasion of parking fees, and georeferenced reports on urban degradation and maintenance.

In order to keep up with citizens’ expectations and meet the growing needs of public administrations to deal effectively with digital transformation, also taking up the challenge of the NRP, Viasat is now working on new solutions that can facilitate this transition.

The 41st edition of “The days of the local police and urban security” (Riccione, 15 to 17 September), an important conference and international exhibition of technologies, solutions, and services dedicated to the sector, will also see the presence of Viasat (Stand no. 15), it will be an opportunity for a discussion with all the operators on new tools that could enrich the suite in the management, for example, of the payment of fines, through PagoPA and a simple QrCode, in an easy and fast way, all via the app and in a few clicks.

An approach that aims, therefore, to offer innovative tools to operate with greater efficiency and effectiveness in the territory.

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