Published on January 21, 2022

The Black Box is mandatory in Europe, and not only that!

Europe is accelerating on the road safety front: from 6 July 2022, all new cars will have to be fitted with new safety systems. These technologies will then also become mandatory for all new cars from 7 July 2024.

European Regulation 2019/2144 provides that, in addition to the Black Box (which cannot be turned off and protected from possible tampering), the vehicle must be equipped with Intelligent Speed Assistance and Alcolock, the device that prevents the car from starting if the driver has an illegal blood alcohol level.

In a few words, this means that from 6 July 2022, only cars and light commercial vehicles with these technologies incorporated as standard will be allowed to be built in EU countries, including Italy, and from 7 July 2024 only (new) cars of this type will be allowed to be sold. In 2029, the obligation will be extended to heavy goods vehicles. Since the rules are included regulation, there is no need for the individual member states to transpose it into law. It automatically applies to all EU countries.

The project of a safety device applicable to cars is not exactly new. It is, in fact, a service that Viasat has been offering its customers for several years with its insurance Black Boxes or satellite antitheft systems, guaranteeing 24-hour assistance in the event of an accident, thanks to the Operations Centre. If the onboard system detects a collision, it immediately sends an automatic alert to the Centre, which can then promptly activate help where necessary.

These services have been further developed, culminating in the latest-generation Black Box, which can, among other things, provide drivers with preventive information on the potential risk of different road routes, based on a series of monitored factors such as traffic, speed limits, environmental and weather conditions, dangerous roads and high accident risk sections.

In short, if the safety of the new cars is standard, Viasat will take care of the rest!

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