Published on February 25, 2022

The launch of the new Live Chat on

The new Live Chat is up and running on the website. It is a simple and immediate tool, which helps to make the relationship with our customers faster and more instantaneous, because their needs and expectations are our main focus. Real-time answers making them feel part of the solution itself: business indications, operational support or other clarifications just one click away.

Customer care is a key tool with a strong impact on processes, making it possible to optimise information and assistance activities and make them more efficient. The professionalism of the Viasat Operation Team is fundamental to the success of the initiative, and its preparation has allowed the implementation of this new corporate project.

The Viasat Customer Service is staffed by qualified operators, present in the company’s own operating centres (Rome and Turin), who provide assistance to customers and business partners, guaranteeing high standards in the quality of services provided.

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