Published on November 14, 2022

The motorbike market is booming

The October registration figures for mopeds,scooters and motorbikes released by Confindustria ANCMA (National Association for the Bicycle, Motorcycle and Accessory Industry) show a marked +26% over the same month last year. This result was also achieved thanks to renewed product supply, which allowed the sector to finally express its full potential.

Specifically, 21,802 vehicles are reported, representing a growth of 25.95 per cent. Scooters are leading the way, with 12,326 vehicles registered and an increase of 36.21%. They are followed by motorbikes, up 17.22%, with 7,938 vehicles registered. The trend in mopeds was more contained, but still up by 3.29% for a total of 1,538 registered vehicles. The exploit in October brought the cumulative figure almost back to parity with the previous year: the drop over 2021 was -0.71%, for a total of 266,118 vehicles.

After the August and September pause, and thanks in part to the resumption of government incentives, the thrust of electric vehicles resumed vigorously, recording 1,363 vehicles and an increase of 30.81% in October. Since the beginning of the year, electric-powered vehicles, which had already surpassed last year’s volumes in July, approached the 15,000-unit mark, registering 14,236 vehicles, an increase of 56.37%.

The use of powered two-wheelers in city traffic is therefore growing exponentially. They move with agility, reduce travel time and can be parked easily. But an ever-increasing number of motorbikes in circulation inevitably has an important impact on safety. Today, however, the industry is making great strides in this respect, and the motorbikes of the near future will feature a number of state-of-the-art systems to limit the risk of accidents and maintain high riding standards. As well as to promptly activate help where necessary.

In this regard, Viasat’s SlimBox Moto, the innovative satellite system designed for the protection of motorbikes and scooters and the safety of motorcyclists, has been on the market for a few years now. Extremely compact and small, it is installed on board the vehicle and is equipped with GPS and GSM/GPRS technology. It functions as a satellite tracker, anti-theft device and, using the Viasat appS, as an emergency call and driving style indicator. It is a powerful security tool that guarantees motorcyclists round-the-clock assistance and protection.

Technology today plays a fundamental role in every sector, and motorcycling is no exception.

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