Published on February 3, 2023

Viasat: the Digital Transformation era

The meetings of the FreeServices Magazine editor with key players in the logistics and transportation supply chain continue. In this second issue of the year, the magazine’s guests are Gianni Barzaghi, CEO of Business Unit Fleet Italia of Viasat, and Gianluca Drusian, Head of Center-South Italy Business Unit Fleet Italia of Viasat.

Several topics are addressed by FreeServices Magazine. From the current status of the international trucking market and possible market developments to strategies to be introduced to allow an effective and real approach to digital transformation for Italian companies, which are historically artisan and often family-owned.

Also mentioned are the ecological transition in the trucking sector and the regulatory interventions and legislative initiatives to be put in place to enable the recovery of competitiveness and overcome the current state of crisis in our country. About the security of vehicles and goods transported, as well as the drivers who drive them, and the companies’ situation in the South

Entire article (in Italian)

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