GPS tracker with high security features

BluBox® is the innovative satellite tracker that integrates all components including GPS and GSM and a triaxial accelerometer for collision detection. Installed on board the vehicle, it records, memorizes, and communicates to the Viasat Operations Centre the travel data and those of a possible collision, and makes it possible to locate the position of the car and the person in difficulty wherever they are.

The analytical data, recorded by the BluBox®, therefore become a fundamental tool for processing vehicle use statistics and also allows telematic reconstruction of crash dynamics.


From Operations Centre

Viasat Group has a network of Operations Centres in Italy and Europe for the management of alarms and intervention practices related to customer security. The management of the telematic and assistance service guarantees high levels of quality, in terms of reaction times and timeliness of intervention in case of emergency.


For Insurance Companies

The BluBox® system’s continuous traceability improves the communication process between the customer and the insurance company since it provides a series of information about the driver’s driving characteristics, the driver’s actual use of the car, as well as the storage of accident dynamics.

All this means greater knowledge of the customer’s needs, to whom specific and convenient rates can be applied according to the use of the insured vehicle. 
Viasat’s BluBox® system provides assistance not only only to the end customer, but also to the insurer himself, who has a valid tool for reducing the management costs of his business and, consequently, for building the fidelization of his target audience

BluBox Functions

Viasat Assistance

Viasat Install Centres: a unique quality network

Viasat Assistance is a European-wide network of mobile garages and tow trucks and an authorised network of garages and body shops consisting of 2000 network installers, of which 1500 Viasat Assistance and 80 TUV ISO9001 certified in Italy. A network of skilled professionals authorised and specialised in the installation of on-board devices and in after-sales assistance, working 7 days a week, 365 days a year even at the customer’s site and on all types of vehicles.
Some services (such as, for example, towing and/or medical assistance) are also provided – where included in the services contracted by the Customer – beyond national borders, through contracted operators

Viasat Assistance ensures:

Customers Area 

Information about driving behaviour or accident dynamics is recorded and stored by the BluBox® system; the statistics can be monitored at any time thanks to the dedicated CUSTOMER AREA.


BluBox® installation on any vehicle is quick and easy, thanks to the self-centring cage (Viasat trademark) no holes or screws are required. One of our installers is available throughout Italy for BluBox® installation (call the free phone number 800 691 691 to find the address of nearest one).

Contact to find out how to activate BluBox 

BluBlox Accessories

BluBox® platform includes optional accessories that extend the assistance and safety services for the vehicle and its passengers:

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Emergency Buttom

In the event of an emergency, you can request assistance from the Viasat Operations Centre, which then activates help.

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Identification key that sends an automatic theft/robbery alarm to the Viasat Operations Centre if the driver is not recognised

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Hands-free voice to ensure, in case of need, quick communication with the Viasat Operations Centre.

For customers of BluBox products, all Viasat appS services are available.

Services Included:

Operations Centre

Centrale Operativa

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Alarm System

Gestione Allarmi

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Emergency System

Gestione Emergenze

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Telematic Report

Perizia Telematica

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Car Finder

Car Finder

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Rimborso Facile

Rimborso Facile

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Car use statistics

Statistiche Uso Auto

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