The anti-abandonment cushion for your child's safety.

Your child’s safety is important.
We created Buddy, the baby seat cushion, which combines state-of-the-art technology with the care and attention of our Operations Centre. 

Buddy complies with the legal requirements for travelling with children on board, but thanks to the operators of its Operations Centre it also does more.

What Buddy does most ?

In the event that the baby is left on board, Buddy sends a signal to an operator who alerts you by phone. In case of no response, from you or whoever you have indicated, the device alerts help, providing the position of the cushion and, therefore, of the baby.

Buddy is more compliant to the law.

It may seem impossible, but it can also happen to a good parent to leave their child in the car: it is often due to a phenomenon called dissociative amnesia. It can happen, for instance, in cases of stress.
For this reason, the law requires that an anti-abandonment device should be carried in the car.

And again by law, this device must-have essential and specific features.

But Buddy does even more for the safety of you and your child: it is unique on the market, thanks to the App and our 24/7 Operations Centre.

3 alarm levels


The parent moves away from the car and leaves the child on board.

The cushion sounds a buzzer to remind that the child is on board and the App is not connected.


The parent did not intervene and the smartphone was forgotten on board.

The Operations Centre sends an alert to the first contact chosen by the parent to report the alarm situation. The Operations Centre is able to locate the child’s last position.


The first emergency contact does not replay.

The Operator from Central continues to call the other contacts defined in the contract.
It is possible to add as many contacts as desired.

Buddy is a higly integrated system

Each cushion can connect up to two smartphones at the same time. Only one smartphone needs to be connected to the cushion for the baby to be protected.

Supports 4 cushions at the same time

With the same app you can monitor up to 4 pillows at the same time from your smartphone. During operation, the app displays for each seat the connection status, the presence of the child, and the battery level of the cushion.

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4 situations where alarm is triggered

You leave the child on board and move away from the car. The warning is triggered when Bluetooth connectivity is lost between the app and the pillow with the child sitting on it.

You have left your baby and smartphone on board. When the smartphone is attached to a cushion and the smartphone does not move for some time, the Buddy system realizes that you may have forgotten it on board with the baby

The smartphone is switched off and the app is not active. In this situation, the system cannot check whether the child is in the car seat and if the child is alone, and an alarm is sent to the Operations Centre.

The battery charge is low. You can manage the situation yourself: the App on your smartphone displays the battery status of the cushion.

Program Autonoleggio adopted BUDDY

for safe and secure trips for customers and family members.

We believed in the project from the beginning and decided to participate in its promotion.

Services included:

Operation Centre

Centrale Operativa

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Alarm Management

Gestione Allarmi

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Emergency Management

Gestione Emergenze

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