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S-BOX is a practical and professional answer for prompt and efficient assistance when a vehicle breakdown or anomaly occurs; it reduces the time the vehicle is in the workshop and guarantees quality service to the customer.


With the optional devices connected to the Viasat Operations Centre, the solutions are enriched with assistance services and protection against theft.
The device allows the dealer to collect useful technical data for providing remote diagnostics, security and assistance services to the customer, also in case of a crash.

S-BOX from BluBox line

The BluBox line is characterised by a sophisticated design and an ultra-compact size that makes it easy to place and quick to install.

S-BOX functionalities:

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Scheduling maintenance deadlines

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On board diagnosis

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Crash reporting and recording

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Freeze Frame of technical vehicle data with error code details

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Engine starter lock

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Cable cut alarm

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Remote DTC error resetting

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Configuration of Customer Communications

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Survival Check


S-BOX can be implemented with the optional V-Call accessory, a handsfree set installed on the windscreen that enables direct contact with the Operations Centre for assistance in case of need.


Additional device to be integrated into the S-BOX set that automatically recognises the customer whenever he or she accesses the vehicle and sends automatic alarms to the Operations Centre in the event of attempted theft or robbery.

From Operational Centre

Viasat Group has a network of Operations Centres in Italy and Europe for the management of alarms and emergency procedures related to our customers’ security. The direct management of the telematic and assistance service guarantees high levels of quality, in terms of reaction times and timeliness of intervention in case of need.

For customers with BluBox products, access to all Viasat appS services is available.

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Functions and Services K-BOX S-BOX
Deadline scheduling
On-board diagnosis
Crash reporting and recording
Freeze Frame of the vehicle for error code details
Remote Error Memory Reset
Configuration of customer communication
Survival check
Crash Alarm
Lifting alarm
Remote engine start lock
Cable cut alarm
Emergency Assistance
Plus Assistance with V-Call Optional
DiPiù Assistance with V-Call and K-Key Optional
Viasat appS
Querying usage statistics
Telematics Reporting Optional Optional

Services included

Crash Alarm

Allarme Crash

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Vehicle statistic use

Statistiche uso auto

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Telematics Reporting

Perizia Telematica

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