SlimBox self-install

The easy-to-install security device

Viasat SlimBox is the new small-sized satellite tracking system.
It has all the functions and features of a modern ‘insurance box’ with the advantage of maximum simplified installation, such that it is available to everyone.

The device, with IP65 protection, can be easily and directly installed in the engine compartment, thanks to a simple two-wire cable harness with forks for connection to the battery. It is also available in a version with a power supply through the vehicle’s OBD connector.

From Operational Centre

Viasat Group has a network of Operations Centres in Italy and Europe for the management of alarms and intervention practices related to our customers’ security. The direct management of telematics and assistance services guarantees high levels of quality, in terms of reaction times and timeliness when needed.

Contact us for activating SlimBox self-install

SlimBox customers can use the Viasat appS to turn their smartphone into a personal security device.

Customers Area

Data, information registered by the system and vehicle usage statistics can be accessed by logging into the reserved customer area.

See the tutorial illustrating how easy it is to install the SlimBox device!

Installation can be done directly by the customer, following the instructions provided. However, it is always possible, upon request, to contact a Viasat installer.

Services included:

Operational Centre

Centrale Operativa

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Alarm Management

Gestione Allarmi

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Emergency Management

Gestione Emergenze

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Telematics Recording

Perizia Telematica

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