Alarm Management

The system to get everything under control

Management of the operation and all activities related to the tracing of the car, the goods and the protection of passengers.

Coordination of the necessary interventions

The Operations Centre is the structure that can efficiently verify and manage anti-theft alarms, emergency situations and assistance requests, and coordinate Police action. Above all, reports and alarms sent by the Viasat device reach the Operations Centre with all indications of the date, time, and place of the event, thus enabling targeted and speedy assistance.

The Control Centre is equipped with hardware and software tools that are in constant communication with the Viasat device installed in the vehicle and allow commands to be activated:

Tracking the vehicle’s movements

Location requests 

Engine block/release, to immobilise the vehicle once it has been switched off (if available)

Activation of the siren or optical/acoustic jammers to facilitate vehicle search and recovery.

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