Emergency Call

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Managing high-stress situations such as an accident, for example, is often complicated when one is driving a vehicle. For this reason, Viasat offers driver services that can guarantee greater safety on the road and optimise possible rescue operations.

SOS Button

The SOS button allows the driver to contact the Viasat Operations Centre, which will receive immediate information about the vehicle’s position and the emergency in progress. Installed inside the passenger compartment, in a convenient and discreet position, with a single movement the SOS button can signal a dangerous situation or an illness, or report a road accident or mechanical failure, in order to receive the support needed.

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Viasat appS

A similar function, called SoS Phone, is included on the Viasat appS smartphone application, to provide Viasat customers with greater safety even outside their vehicles (on foot, by bike, on the bus or, more simply, at home), in emergency situations or situations of particular need (illness, danger, aggression, etc.). The application activates a geolocalised assistance call to the Viasat Operations Centre with immediate and punctual identification of the caller.
The mobile device’s position is updated throughout the call. Operators can then determine autonomously and exactly the position of the mobile device, enabling them to provide immediate assistance and, if necessary, send help on site.

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