Emergency Management

Viasat does not leave you alone

Managing an emergency means implementing a series of actions to contain damage to people or property and to restore the situation to normal conditions as quickly as possible.

Emergency assistance for any need

Most important among these is medical/mechanical assistance, a rescue service taken care of and coordinated by the Operations Centre in the event of need due to an unexpected mechanical failure or following an accident, illness or danger. For all these types of intervention, punctuality, precise location and immediacy are decisive factors. The Viasat Operations Centre is a guarantee, as it provides assistance by telephone 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and communication with the onboard device allows the precise location of the incident to be pinpointed.

Following a direct call from the Customer or a verified situation of need, the Operations Centre can:

Send an ambulance or a tow truck to the site

Coordinating Police actions

Supporting customer in the first steps in case of an accident

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