Insurance monitoring and car review

Legality and safety on the roads

A service that allows law enforcement agencies and public administrations to improve the performance and efficiency of road monitoring, safety and traffic flow interventions.
This makes it possible to monitor and ensure road safety and compliance with the law.

How does it work?

The solution is characterised by easy operation with a high-resolution camera (fixed or mobile) for reading the number plates of moving or stationary vehicles (over 100 per second), wirelessly and through the use of this app on a Smartphone or Tablet PC. Checks are carried out, depending on the available databases, for administrative non-compliance (Insurance, Revision), stolen vehicles or other queries to databases defined by the Authority with Black List or White List.

Autonomous and hard-wired tracking

BluTrack 7.0, in its various configurations, is the suitable solution for all those applications (leg on semi-trailers and containers) for which satellite localization of the vehicle is required even if without power supply . In its version powered for semi-trailers, the easy connection between the trailer and the tractor allows recharging of the internal battery in a short time. With the Web Console Runtracker platform, it is possible to monitor the position of the vehicle and its movements.

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