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Viasat uses its own infrastructures for the management of alarms and intervention procedures relating to vehicles, transported goods and driver safety.

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In Italy, Viasat provides its assistance, protection and security services directly, using its two proprietary Operations Centres located in Italy (Turin and Rome) with the help of about 140 operators, present 24 hours a day, every day of the year. In addition to these, there are 8 other proprietary Operations Centres in Europe: Bucharest (Romania), Brussels (Belgium), Madrid (Spain), Montauban (France), Warsaw (Poland), Sofia (Bulgaria), London (UK) and Lisbon (Portugal), which guarantee operational synergy and pan-European network coverage. In addition, it has two other outsourced Operations Centres in L’Aquila (Italy) and Stuttgart (Germany). These services in Italy are mainly provided using its own and outsourced Operations Centres with a prefectural licence to carry out the activity pursuant to Article 134 of the Consolidated Law on Police and Article 256 bis of the Regulation implementing the Consolidated Law on Police, as regards the recovery of stolen vehicles or the intervention of the Police.

In 2021 the Viasat Operations Center in Italy was qualified as a 1st level telephone assistance centre, thanks to a training course attended by its employees, held by the volunteers of the Italian Red Cross.


Viasat Operations Centres are able to track the device and locate the car and the person in an emergency, wherever they are, thanks to the GPS signal and LTE/UMTS/GSM/GPRS communication. For the management of police intervention in the event of theft, robbery, panic and medical/mechanical emergencies, VIASAT uses a Vigilance Institute company with a prefectural licence covering the entire national territory (ref. no. 11/20076199) for Satellite Televigilance (G.P.G. – Guardie Particolari Giurate).

The Viasat Centres are organized to provide services of:

Security  h24

Customer Service 

Technical Assistance

Viasat Assistance

In Italy, Viasat has a network of more than 1,700 specialised installers, 80 of whom have TUV ISO 9001:2000 Quality certification. In addition to installing the on-board equipment, they provide customers with after-sales service, maintenance and training sessions for using the devices.

Telephone Call Recording Policy

The information note in accordance with Articles 13 and 14 of the GDPR 2016/679 and current national legislation concerning the recording of telephone calls by the Viasat Operations Centre is available.

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