Rimborso Facile

Specialised Assistence in case of crash

Easy Reimbursement is an emergency assistance and support service in case of an accident, managed and coordinated by the Operations Centre.

Legal advice and damage recovery

In the event of an accident, the customer can contact the dedicated operators of the Viasat Operations Centre, who provide telephone assistance for the correct filling out of the CAI form (Accident Declaration Form), facilitating the collection of useful information, reducing the risk of incorrect compilation, and for handling special cases. In addition, the client is supported in the extrajudicial and judicial phases to facilitate a rapid refund of damages by insurance companies.


Viasat Operation Centres through Rimborso Facile offer:

Real-Time telephone support to facilitate the collection of information useful for accident reconstruction.

Legal protection, in the extrajudicial and judicial phases, to obtain fair compensation for damages without delay.

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