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Advantageous solutions for privates, families, VAT holders, dealers, car, motorbike and bicycle rental companies and the public administration that guarantees maximum protection, assistance and safety of the car and people on the move.


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Viasat for you

Assistance, protection, and safety solutions to satisfy all the needs of privates, families, and all VAT holders. All the assistance you require for your vehicle and the people on board, thanks to our 24/7 Operations Centres always at your service.

The solutions provided by Viasat, through its network of dealers and car dealer partners, offer:


Protection for vehicle in case of theft


In case of a crash, mechanical failure or danger, quick assistance is provided


New-generation Viasat devices provide savings on car insurance because they have the minimum dataset required to achieve a 'significant' premium reduction for insurance policies with black boxes.

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Smart Mobility

Satellite telematics at the service of business efficiency. 

One of the driving criteria for fleet managers today is ‘cost governance’. In an increasingly challenging market, efficiency and optimisation are key factors in the competitive contest.

 Fleet Managers are daily engaged in a careful and in-depth analysis of costs and corporate mobility management, with a view to TCO (Total Cost of Ownership), maintaining and improving, where possible, the quality of services offered to customers. On-board telematics, using devices such as black boxes, is surely one of the trends that Fleet Managers are following to contain costs, improve efficiency and guarantee maximum safety.

Viasat’s solutions for Car Rent allow Fleet Managers to keep track of data from onboard devices, monitoring those aspects that can influence driving efficiency, savings, safety and increased awareness of drivers’ behaviour on the road.


Smart City Solutions

Street Control, Street Parking and Urban Security

Today, technology already plays an important role in road safety. In fact, there are numerous applications available to drivers, with the aim of…
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