Published on Febbraio 26, 2020

#Coronavirus: Viasat is always on its customers side

With regard to the New Coronavirus COVID-19 emergency, we believe it is important to underline that Viasat H24 Operations Centers are in full efficiency at this time. While adhering to the requirements of the Ministry of Health and the World Health Organization, the continuity of the service is guaranteed, thanks to the flexibility of the Viasat organization and a network structure at the Italian and European level.

“We also worked to support the operating structures of some of our customer’s companies,” explains Nicodemo Magliocca, Operations Manager of Viasat, “conditioned by precautionary preventive measures in some areas of our country. For these reasons, I want to express a big thank you to all our colleagues of Viasat Operations Centers for their precious work. I extend this appreciation also to all health workers, Civil Protection and Law Enforcement, with whom we collaborate daily, for the great effort and the extraordinary professional self-sacrifice that are in the field in this crisis situation

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