Published on Aprile 5, 2017

Marco Annoni (CEO Vem Solutions) elected Vice-Chairman of ETSI

ETSI (European Telecommunication Standard Institute), Viasat Group is a member since November 2016, has elected unanimously vice-chairman Marco Annoni (CEO of Vem Solutions, Viasat Group Research and Development companies) during the plenary Technical Committee ETSI – Intelligent Transport Systems (ETSI TC ITS), with a term of 2 years. ETSI ITS has the mandate to develop communication standards for vehicle and external communications (V2V, V2I and V2X).

ETSI is the European Institute for Telecommunications Technical Standards, producing globally applicable standards for IT and telecommunications. The Organization currently employs over 800 members representing national institutional bodies, companies from various industrial sectors, the academic world, service providers, and is officially recognized by the European Union as an European regulatory agency.

The Viasat Group assumes a high level of international visibility within the overall standardization process, along with the leading players in the ICT world.

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