Published on Febbraio 11, 2020

Private eCall: Viasat – Pioneering Safety

The renewal of the agreement between AREU (Regional Emergency Emergency Agency) and TSP Association, an organization belonging to Confindustria Digitale, of which Viasat is one of the founders, regulates access to emergency call services provided by the Single Central Response Unit NUE 112 by part of the “Third Party Service Providers” (TPSP), guaranteeing urgent medical assistance, similar to the European eCall System, for drivers involved in road accidents.
An important step for the safety of people traveling on our roads, thanks to the technological and operational effort put in place by the associates of TSP. Among these, Viasat has been offering its customers 24-hour assistance in the event of an accident, thanks to its Operations Center, for several years with its insurance black boxes or satellite alarms.

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