Published on Aprile 20, 2021

The experience of digitisation in Milan. Viasat Exclusive sponsor of the AIPARK Webinar

The first AIPARK Webinar of the 2021 cycle open to all will be held on Wednesday 21 April at 11:30 am.
A virtual journey inside Milan’s mobility ecosystem to explore the new scenarios and opportunities and to support the decisions of politicians, planners and managers for the benefit of users. We will talk about technologies and digitalisation, management and planning, smart cities, urban hubs, environmental sustainability, payment systems and auxiliary devices. Finally, the meeting will be used to provide elements to the various stakeholders so that the role of parking is considered more central in the context of mobility.

Viasat will participate as the sole sponsor. Among the speakers, Valerio Gridelli (CEO VIASAT S.p.A.) will give a report on innovative tools for digital parking control and mobile sanctioning.

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