Published on Marzo 9, 2017

Viasat Group at Tapa EMEA Conference 2017

It’s an important opportunity to consolidate our network – at international level and within the association itself – and focus on the Group business expansion, with the presence of the major players in the field of transport logistics and security of high-value products which are subject to high risk of theft.
The Group will be represented by its subsidiaries: CMA Monitoring (Poland),Viasat Systems (Romania), Viasat Fleet and Teamind Solution (Italy).

Viasat Group is a member of TAPA EMEA since 2016; an International Association for the Protection of Transported assets which reunites global manufacturers, logistics service providers, express carriers, police and security forces, governmental agencies and other stakeholders with the common aim of reducing losses by preventing thefts in international supply.
Among its members are the most ‘important cargo handling companies and manufacturers of global security systems.

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