Published on Maggio 27, 2021

The Viasat Group Central Operators first aid course of the CRI has ended

The Italian Red Cross volunteers have been working with Viasat Group on a First Aid Course. About 40 operators of the Centre were trained and thanks to distance learning they were able to increase their skills.  Each attendee received a certificate of participation and the company will be able to boast the title of CRI partner.

“We are very proud – comments Nicodemo Magliocca, Viasat Group Operations Manager – to have had the opportunity to collaborate with this prestigious organisation, which was founded in 1928. The intention was to increase the health competence of our personnel who, thanks to this involvement, we were able to qualify as a 1st level telephone rescue centre. This competence will be decisive for our customers who, in case of need, will know they can count on a qualified organisation like Viasat, which confirms itself as a pioneer and leader in assistance and personal protection services.”

“In the coming months,” Magliocca concludes, “we are planning other activities with the aim of further increasing our expertise and thus confirming our vision and leadership.

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