Published on Novembre 4, 2020

Viasat RunTracker 6.X obtains EASA Certification

Satellite telematics is certainly a precious ally in the management of private aircraft and fleets of Flight Schools or Aero Clubs, which also meets the traffic safety requirements of General Aviation (AG) and light aircraft (ULM). In this sense, it is no surprise that the Viasat RunTracker 6.X, a satellite device widely used in the management of freight fleets, has obtained the Certificate/Approval Minor Change ( – 10074465) from the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA), together with the Proximity Reader, the badge reader that identifies the Pilot on board.

Thanks to the collaboration between our Group and and the certification obtained, valid throughout Europe and compliant with American FAA regulations, it will now be possible to install the device, named LDL Live Data Logger in this specific area of application, on 154 types of aircraft certified General Aviation (ELA1, ELA2) as well as all ultralight aircraft (ULM).

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