Published on Marzo 10, 2017

Viasat turns 30

Courage, ideas, passion. This is what led Viasat to become the company it is today, a leader in satellite security systems that incorporate the most modern communication technologies to ensure the complete security of the vehicle and of its occupants, a true Italian and European.

Based on a brilliant idea with a high technological content – thanks to a joint venture between the two largest industrial groups in the country, Seat of the Telecom Group and Magneti Marelli of the Fiat Group –, Viasat was the company who designed and popularised the first consumer-oriented satellite system, capable of communicating with a vehicle to send alarm signals to a Central Office (24 hours a day) in case of accident or theft. The first proposal, in European and perhaps in the world, of an interactive system that brought together three technologies: micro-processors, GPS and GSM.



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