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Fleet Managing

Viasat’s transport management solutions manage large or small fleets of vans, simple and articulated trucks, and work vehicles; having full control of all logistics activities, digitizing processes, and increasing the safety and productivity of fleet operations is not only possible, but it is also simple!

The Fleet Manager's keywords: tracking, safety, cost efficiency

Fleet management means digitalising the movement of goods and the operation of drivers, reducing costs and improving overall performance. To do this quickly and efficiently, the Fleet Manager needs tools to track and locate the vehicles on the road and ensure their total safety. All to decrease costs. Viasat is the Fleet Manager’s perfect partner for managing any type of fleet, thanks to satellite telematics and digitalisation of processes.

At the heart of all fleet management activities is the Runtrackers web platform and GPS devices that guarantee tracking of the location of goods and vehicles, anytime and from any web location. The solutions also allow knowing how soon the vehicle will make the delivery, the level of fuel in the tank, or how many hours the driver has been driving.

All these elements produce a significant benefit in terms of cost and deadline planning, as well as avoiding infractions and sanctions, thanks to the analysis of Chrono data to ensure compliance with the Highway Code and EC regulation 561/2006.

Fleet Management Advantages


Continuous and easy monitoring of fleet and transported goods


Tachograph management, fuel consumption and driving style control, road optimization, etc.


6-month return on investment


Maximise the safety of drivers, vehicles and assets

Our solutions

Transport Management Solutions

Web platform, high security, tachograph, fuel consumption and much more in one integrated solution.


GPS locator that provides information on where all vehicles are and what they are doing at a glance.  

Tachigrafo Semplice

Downloading data, driving times, data analysis and legal advice with tachocheck and tachoLex.

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