Telematics Survey

An intelligent processing of device data in case of a crash

The Viasat Operations Centre, supported by innovative analysis tools, is able to process and examine the data recorded by the satellite device at the moment of the accident and during normal road traffic.

Exact reconstruction of the events

This provides the information for crash data and routes.
These operations are essentially telematic so that no one materially checks the movements and places reached, and only in the case of undesired or accidental events is a check carried out.

The activity consists of the certification of crash data and routes, through a telematic technical report provided by Viasat together with the relevant advice for the reconstruction of the accident dynamics, which is useful to establish a claim or an administrative penalty.




With this service, the insurance company is able to verify the consistency and compatibility of what is declared and, consequently, prevent or contain fraud.

The benefits, therefore, can be both individual and collective, as the recording of technical information can be an effective tool to fight fraud.

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