Homologations and certifications

For the quality culture

To develop a culture of quality, the Viasat Group has always been focused on:

Compliance to international standards

Customer protection involves compliance with international standards of safety and respect for the environment. These principles are pursued with strong conviction, strongly interacting with all parties involved in the development process (ownership, investors, customers, suppliers, employees), to ensure complete satisfaction in reaching the goals set.

Quality rules

Viasat has always focused on the quality of its solutions and made this feature one of its company’s key assets. Quality standards and national and international regulations help to guarantee this safety, but this is not enough: more visible signals are required for direct communication with consumers, and the platform’s certification and homologation.

Security priority.

Today, companies are working in a global and highly competitive market and, as a result, security and product requirements have become priorities all over the world, as well as being important assets for any sector.

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