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Our online channels

The Viasat Group communicates using websites (www.viasatgroup.com; www.viasatonline.it; www.viasatfleet.com; www.viasatapps.it; www.guidallasicurezza.it) and some of the main social media to disseminate institutional and business content, which are repositories of information and communications for public interest targeted at customers, stakeholders, and the public.
Social media channels are used for general interest purposes to inform, communicate, and encourage participation, discussion, and dialogue with users and citizens, with a view to transparency and sharing.

We are present on the following social channels.

This document sets out the guidelines (‘netiquette’) for the use of social media. Such use must take place in compliance with the Viasat Group’s ethical values and current regulations.
Official Viasat Group channels are managed by the Corporate Marketing & Communication Department.


Through the social channels, we publish different types of content concerning communication on the activities, solutions, systems and services provided, press releases, information on initiatives and events, institutional images and videos, at the international, national and local levels, with the aim of spreading the culture of satellite telematics and Viasat solutions. Furthermore, social media represent a privileged communication channel to collect comments, requests, questions, criticisms and suggestions.

We use photographs, infographics, videos, and other multimedia materials to create content for which we own the licensing rights. Images are acquired under license from the online databases Fotolia (https://it.fotolia.com/) and 123F (https://it.123rf.com/). Content on websites and content posted via social media can be freely reproduced, quoting the source of the original reference channel.

Taking advantage of the typical opportunities of these services, we occasionally share and re-publish content and messages of public interest and utility created by third parties, after verifying the source’s trustworthiness.


The Viasat Group’s social channels are areas created to communicate, inform and interact. They are moderated from Monday to Friday, according to business hours. No preventive moderation is planned: everyone can express his or her opinion in a fair and measured manner, based on verifiable facts and respecting the opinions of others; insults, profanity, threats or attitudes that violate personal dignity, the rights of minorities and minors, the principles of freedom and equality will not be tolerated. Viasat Group invites polite, appropriate and respectful conversation.

Comments/content that are discriminatory or offensive to other users, present or not at the discussion, or to entities, associations, companies or those who manage and moderate social channels, will not be shared on our pages for any reason.

Moderation by our channel administrators is intended to contain any behaviour that is contrary to the standards of use.

In particular will be removed all posts, comments or multimedia materials that:

Have a political/propaganda content or promote business and for-profit activities

Present an inappropriate language and/or a threatening, violent, vulgar or insulting tone

Present illegal content or incitement to commit illegal activities

Information that can tend to compromise public security

Have offensive, misleading, alarmist content, or content that violates the rights of third parties; discloses personal data and information or may cause damage or affect third parties’ reputations

Present content that can be classified as spam, obscene, pornographic or child pornographic, or that offends the users’ common morals and sensibilities

Have any discriminatory content based on gender, race, ethnicity, language, religious belief, political opinion, sexual orientation, age, personal and social status

Promoting or supporting illegal activities, copyright violation or improper use of a trademark

We, therefore, reserve the right to remove any content that violates the rules of this social media policy or any applicable law.

In the most serious cases, and in particular in the event of non-compliance with the shared rules, in addition to deleting the content, we will remove users from our spaces, report them to the moderation filters of the host social network and if necessary to the law enforcement agencies in charge.

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