Published on November 24, 2014

16/11/2014 – Naples

After receiving a robbery alarm, the client went to check his Giulietta Alfa Romeo parked from around 10 o’clock.  Discovering that this had effectively been stolen, he alerted the Operations Centre. The operator immediately activated blocking of the vehicle and called the Police which located the vehicle half an hour later close to a gypsy camp.  Campania has regained its position as the Region with the highest risk with 20,828 thefts/year (22,350 in 2012), followed by Lazio (at the top of the list in 2012) with 19,863 and Sicily with 16,936.

Analysing the data by province, Naples, with 15,658 thefts, accounts for a large proportion of crimes and is one of the favourite hunting grounds of car thieves, followed in second position by Salerno (2,394 thefts), Caserta (2,269), Avellino (295) and Benevento (212).

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