Published on September 26, 2023

Emilia-Romagna: from October 1, limitations on Euro 4 diesels.

Move-In (MOnitoraggio dei VEicoli INquinanti) is a service of the Emilia-Romagna Region, active since January 1, 2023, already present in Lombardy and Piedmont, which promotes a new, more responsible way of driving for owners of vehicles subject to traffic restrictions for environmental reasons. For those who join voluntarily, an annual mileage threshold applies that must not be exceeded, thus limiting pollutant emissions. The kilometres driven are counted using a “black box,” based on GPS technology, provided by accredited operators, including Viasat, which tracks the vehicle’s location at all times.

As of October 1, 2023, Euro 4 diesel vehicles – which are in addition to gasoline vehicles up to and including Euro 2; gasoline/LPG, gasoline/methane vehicles and motorcycles up to and including Euro 1 – circulating in lowland municipalities with fewer than 30,000 inhabitants will also be able to join Move-In.

Virtuous behaviour gives bonuses

Each vehicle that joins the Move-In service is assigned a maximum number of kilometres that can be driven annually over the entire territory of the municipalities affected by the planned traffic restrictions, thus no longer being subject to the hourly and daily blocks normally in force. Once the assigned mileage ceiling is reached, the vehicle will no longer be allowed to circulate ‘for environmental reasons’ until the end of the year. It will always be possible to check the remaining kilometres via app or from the website. In case of a roadside check, whether or not the mileage threshold has been exceeded can be verified by the Municipal Police through the specific app.

Of note, Move-In not only represents the possibility of using cars that do not comply with regional anti-smog regulations but is also an incentive to drive better. Mileage thresholds, in fact, can be extended by keeping a perfect driving record.

The Black Box as technology

Viasat (now part of Targa Telematics) is the project’s technology partner in Emilia-Romagna, as well as in Lombardy and Piedmont. A network of contracted installers in the territory allows the installation of the black box to those who wish to join.

The positive collaboration between Move-In and Viasat continues to progress in the challenge against pollutant emissions with the goal of improving air quality, and ensuring equitable access to mobility for all citizens, especially those who currently do not have the possibility of replacing their vehicles. It also promotes sustainable driving modes, both environmentally and in terms of road safety.

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