Published on April 4, 2023

Viasat Observatory 2023: Tir and van thefts in Italy

The plague of goods transport vehicle thefts is a constant phenomenon and always a red alert. Viasat’s Report 2023 shows that in our country in 2022 – according to the latest unconsolidated estimates of the State Police – 2,416 trucks disappeared (over 10% more than the previous year). Added to these are the 6,620 thefts of vans (almost 18% more). Thus, 9,036 heavy and light freight vehicles are stolen each year (up 15.5% from 2021). Practically 753 per month, 25 per day, almost 2 every hour), resulting in high economic damage to businesses. The lack of safe parking has remained one of the main reasons for the cause of crimes against truckers, who are forced to park their vehicles in gas stations, yards, and industrial properties.

Today, few stolen vehicles are still recovered overall: 43.5 % of the total. Of the remaining 5,104, traces are permanently lost. The figure for trucks stands at almost 34 %, in line with the previous year’s figure. Something better for vans: more than 47 % are recovered.

Satellite telematics as a crime-fighting measure

The challenge for fleet managers has always been to meet increasing levels of protection for company assets while ensuring cost optimization and improved performance. In this regard, Viasat Fleet provides the market with the TMS – Transport Management Solutions, a complete suite of products and services that supports trucking and logistics companies in the effective management of all fleet management processes and activities. Hi-tech solutions that enable real-time monitoring and tracking of Tir, trucks and vans, through the Viasat H24 Operations Center, reducing the risk of theft and recording a significantly better percentage of vehicles found than the national figure.

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