Published on June 29, 2023

Viasat strengthens Sicuri and Protetti project

In recent years, Italy has achieved a remarkable increase in the use of telematic car insurance, becoming the leader in Europe. The major insurance companies have introduced this technology into their offers, adopting different approaches than in the past. The focus has quickly shifted from simple monitoring, mainly aimed at combating insurance fraud and offering policy discounts, to offering useful, value-added services focused on prevention. Instead of focusing exclusively on understanding the causes and dynamics of a claim, the main aim is to use telematics to prevent accidents from happening or at least reduce their effects.

The Sicuri&Protetti project

Viasat (today part of Targa Telematics) has been on the market for several years with the ‘Sicuri&Protetti’ project, which represents, in fact, an evolutionary phase of telematics applied to insurance.

Specifically in the automotive field, the innovation of Viasat technologies and services makes it possible to prevent vehicle theft, reduce the risk of an accident, through appropriate drive coaching functions, or limit the consequences of any driving emergency, thanks to timely and geo-referenced assistance activated by the H24 Operations Centre. So, technological prevention before and beyond compensation. And the advantages are for everyone: more service, more serenity and protection for the insured, and less risk for the company

Sicuri&Protetti is, therefore, a telematics service offer that is extremely complete and modular, highly innovative, and an alternative to the traditional Black Box model. It is designed specifically for the insurance world, from insurance companies to insurance brokers, to promote satellite technology as a tool for prevention, protection, assistance and intelligent mobility.

The combination of a reliable service provided by the H24 Operations Centre and the sensors installed in the vehicles makes it possible to reduce the risk of compensation, thanks to the high success rate in recovering stolen vehicles. Sicuri&Protetti thus becomes a tool for building customer loyalty and increasing profits, offering a proactive approach that can be exploited by intermediaries participating in the initiative.

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