Published on July 25, 2023

Young people choose the electric car to drive the transition

The commitment of Italians to the topic of sustainability is a well-established trend that concerns more than 73% of the population, according to data from LifeGate’s National Observatory on Sustainable Lifestyle. And sustainable mobility, at least in words, is among the topics that most touch the sensibilities of those who, for work, study, necessity or simply for pleasure, use cars to move around our cities.

The market for electric cars is growing strongly and now accounts for 12.1 per cent of new car sales in the European Union, as reported by the Association of European Manufacturers (Acea) for 2022. Young people are surely driving the transition Between those who have bought it and those who promise to do so, the electric car is one of the weapons in the fight against climate change. According to Deloitte, 16% of Gen Z (born after 1997) and 15% of millennials have already bought one, while 41% and 44% of them promise to do so in the coming years. The three main reasons for buying an electric car are the environmental impact, the less strict traffic and parking rules, and the possibility to benefit from incentives and tax breaks. The obstacles, on the other hand, concern the purchase price, insufficient autonomy and the lack of public charging infrastructure.

For these reasons, only 3 out of 5 say they are delaying their purchase waiting for better times, and this does nothing to improve an already very difficult situation, not to mention that the Italian auto fleet is among the most obsolete in Europe. A context that inevitably affects the environment, but also road safety, if it is true that the risk of accidents with used vehicles is three times higher than with new cars coming out of dealerships with advanced technological equipment and connectivity systems.

Viasat (now part of Targa Telematics) knows this well, providing solutions to help drivers upgrade their vehicles with modern technology and innovative services. This allows a more appropriate driving style to be promoted, which has a significant impact on CO2 emissions and thus on sustainability. Last but not least, the highest level of safety, protection and assistance in case of accidents, breakdowns or dangerous situations is guaranteed through the 24/7 Operations Centre.

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