BluTrack 8.0

Locator for the protection of private cars or corporate assets.

Treatment Owner.

A tracking system designed for protection and location detection of the vehicles. A self-powered device, which can be discreetly placed on board to ensure that is concealed from the eyes of potential thieves. The Operations Center is able  to detect he position of the vehicle at the request of the customer. A solution when it is not necessary to have a continuous monitoring of the asset. Easy to install, thansks to compact size, it has an autonomy of about 3 years in its standard configuration, guaranteed by the internal long-lasting batteries.

Viasat BT 8.0 uses an innovative communication system to detect the position of the vehicle. If the signal is weak or absent (for example indoors or inside a garage), at any time, the system is able to receive the exact position detected by the cell at the device is connected to.

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From Operation Centre

Through a series of automatic security procedures, the Operations Centre is able to constantly check the battery status and correct operation, in order to guarantee the functionality of the system, and diagnose and signal the need to replace the primary battery.

At the request of the customer the Viasat Operations Center can interrogate the device and locate the vehicle on which it is installed, defining the exact position and coordinating the actions for the recovery of the vehicle in the event of theft.

Functional features

Innovative communication system

Constant battery status monitoring

Easy installation thanks to compact dimensions

Double configuration

Services included:

Operational Centre:

Centrale Operativa

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Theft Management:

Gestione Furto

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