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Viasat 2S is the second-stage satellite anti-theft device of the Viasat S Line. The Viasat 2S satellite device is equipped with a V-Key Kit, a recognition system that, through an electronic key, allows the driver to be automatically recognised and generates a theft alarm and engine start blockage in the event of failure to recognise, intrusion, attempted theft or robbery.

In addition to the traditional functions of a satellite tracker, Viasat 2S guarantees total security, protection and assistance thanks to its bundled services. These features are the reason it is one of the best-selling satellite anti-theft devices on the Italian market. Thanks to its compact design, installing Viasat 2S is very easy on any vehicle.

Form Operations Centre

Viasat Group has a network of Operations Centres in Italy and Europe for the management of alarms and emergency procedures relating to our customers’ security. The direct management of the telematics and assistance service guarantees high levels of quality, in terms of reaction times and speed of intervention in case of need.

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Viasat 2S functionalities

The Viasat 2S satellite alarm system has several functions and services that can be modulated depending on the type of subscription signed up.

In case of theft, the customer can call the Operations Centre for geolocation and real-time tracking of the vehicle.

In case of an accident, the Viasat 2S satellite device installed on board automatically sends a crash and accident alert signal to the Viasat Operations Centre, which verifies the vehicle’s position and checks whether a first aid intervention is required.

The Viasat 2S satellite device includes the use of Viasat appS, the application dedicated to assistance, personal protection and personal safety. By pressing the SoS Phone button it is possible to get in touch with the Operations Centre, which receives an emergency alarm, locates the car and provides the necessary help.

The V-key kit is an automatic authentication system that identifies the customer every time he/she accesses the vehicle. In the event of non-authentication, the V-key device sends an alarm to the Viasat Operations Centre and activates, if necessary, the engine start block as a further guarantee for the protection of the customer and the car.

This alarm allows you to warn of unauthorised vehicle entry. In case of access to the car without an authentication device and with the volumetric sensor connected, the system activates the engine block, and the buzzer and sends an alarm to the Viasat Operations Centre which verifies the situation.

The Viasat 2S satellite device, using the integrated movement sensor with GPS (Viasat patent), detects any significant movements or suspicious movements of the vehicle and automatically sends a movement alert to the Viasat Operations Centre.

If the vehicle’s power supply is disconnected, the device sends an automatic cable cut alarm signal to the Viasat Operations Centre, which immediately intervenes.

This function allows the Operation Centre to inhibit engine starting. Engine blocking can take place remotely or automatically.

Viasat 2S detects the interference of data transmission caused by the jammer and activates a jamming alarm. Once the attempted theft is recognised, the engine block and beepers are automatically activated. 

This assistance service allows, in case of an accident or illness, the Viasat Operations Centre to locate the vehicle and immediately send help directly to the scene.

It is possible to download and view detailed reports containing statistical data on car use and accidents.

In case of a breakdown or accident, the Viasat Operations Centre quickly provides roadside assistance by sending a tow truck directly to the site to recover and transport the car.

All the advantages reserved for Viasat 2S customers


Customers Reserved Area

From the homepage of the Viasat site, it is possible to access the Customer Reserved Area where data and information on the use of the Viasat 2S device can be consulted. Access to the Viasat Customer Reserved Area is subsequent to installation of the device on the vehicle and activation of a subscription.


Viasat 2S installation is easy and quick

Installing Viasat 2S is quick and easy. Its compact design makes it easy to place in the car. There is no need to drill holes in the passenger cabin or insert screws.


Insurance saving

Purchasing the Viasat 2S device you can get discounts on your insurance policy, depending on the contract you have signed. Discover all the advantages in one of our Insurance Partners*.

*Admiral, Amissima, Ania, AXA Assicurazioni,, DDOR Novi Sad, Generali, Gruppo Assimoco, Groupama, helvetia, Italiana Assicurazioni, Mapfre, Reale Mutua e Sara.

For Viasat 2S customers, the Viasat appS is available to transform the smartphone into a personal security device.

Viasat Assistance

Viasat installation points: a unique quality network

Viasat Assistance is a Europe-wide network of mobile workshops and tow trucks and an authorised circuit of garages and body shops consisting of 2000 network installers, 1500 of which are Viasat Assistance and 80 TUV ISO9001 certified in Italy.

A network of professionals authorised and specialised in the installation of on-board devices and after-sales service, able to operate 24/7, 365 days a year even at the Customer’s sites and on all types of vehicles.
Some services (such as, for example, towing and/or medical assistance) are also provided – where included among the services activated by the Customer – beyond national borders, through contracted operators.

Viasat Assistance guarantees:

Compare S-line satellite anti-theft devices

Compare the functions and services between the Viasat 1S and 2S satellite anti-theft devices of the same line.

Viasat 1s

Viasat 2s

Functions and services VIASAT 1S VIASAT 2S
STV - On Demand Theft Reporting
Crash Alarm
Movement Alarm
Cable cut Alarm
Volumetric Alarm
Perimeter alarm
Emergency Alarm (V-Call)
Emergency Alarm (Sos Phone via Viasat appS)
Starting lock from Central
V-Key security: automatic alarm for non-authentication
V-Key safety: automatic start-up lock
V-Key Security: Personal Protection Robbery Alarm
V-Key security: Kcall personal protection
Automatic engine lock for Jamming detection
Jamming Alarm
Medical mechanical assistance
Telematics Record Optional Optional
Viasat appS
Web reports: usage and crash statistics
Web report: routes mapped
Car Finder, Geofence, Speed Control
Tool car included

I servizi inclusi:

Operations Centre

Centrale Operativa

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Alarms Management

Gestione Allarmi

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Emergency Management

Gestione Emergenze

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Car Finder

Car Finder

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