Viasat Digital Connect

The innovative platform for car fleet management

Viasat Digital Connect is the dedicated solution for the Car Rent market. Fleet Managers can monitor, thanks to this web platform, the status of the fleet and intervene promptly when anomalies or breakdowns arise, containing extraordinary maintenance costs and exploiting telediagnostics for predictive maintenance. The data collected by the onboard devices allows for monitoring the factors that impact fleet operating efficiency, savings and safety. In addition, through the Viasat appS the vehicle user can consult data and route analyses, which are also useful for improving driving style

From Operation Centre

Viasat Group has a network of Operations Centres in Italy and Europe for the management of alarms and emergency procedures relating to our customers’ security. The direct management of the telematics and assistance service guarantees high levels of quality, in terms of reaction times and speed of intervention in case of need

Viasat Digital Connect offers an integrated range of value-added services targeting two main categories of users:

Fleet Manager, Security Manager and Driver.

All the features of Viasat Digital Connect

Tracking e mapping in real time 

Viasat Operations Centre Theft Alarm Management or Co-Management

Crash alarm monitoring and accident dynamics overview

Alarm Management  Geofencing on real time 

PoI monitoring and webservice display for integration with external systems

Engine block/unblocking

Multi-level privacy management with increasing priority: Fleet Manager Level 1, Fleet Manager Level 2, Driver

Communication and Deadlines

Real time, daily, monthly reporting

Remote diagnostics using OBD II (Standard SAE J1979)

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Viasat Digital Connect supports the entire range of Viasat telematics devices: BluBox S Line, K-BOX/ S-BOX, SlimBox car, SlimBox motorbike, sosCall (windscreen device).


Change the data in knowledge

Discover all the information you can get from Viasat Digital Connect services and features

Diagnostic tests Diagnostics tests on real-time Theft and crash management Geo-fencing
Engine oil temperature Full Test Crash Alarm Geometric perimeter
Fuel consumption (l/Km) Single parameter test Filtering false positives (e.g. holes, bumps) Geopolitical perimeter
Residual fuel (%) List of present anomalies Date, hour, place (address) PoI and risk area
CO2 emissions (gr/Km) Reset present anomalies Impact zone and level of intensity Rules of In/Out
MIL light Management Status of Viasat Centre
Theft alarms in Italy and abroad
2 levels identification
Vehicle identity (targa, marca, model, VIN)
Joint Vehicle Recovery Management (option)

I servizi inclusi:

Operation Centre

Centrale Operativa

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Alarm Management

Gestione Allarmi

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